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Dusk.. The light is slowly dimming out.. She is old.. She is dark.. She is bent 90 degrees.. She is letting out some sounds of her mouth  .. She adorns a crumpled saree.. She wears a dark rimmed glasses.. She carries a walking stick..She doesn’t have any teeth.. She is blabbering something.. She is not wearing no shoes, no jewelry . She is not carry a pouch or bag which could carry something..  She trudges along in a very arduous manner.. She is moaning.. She tries to  come inside a watchman’s room along the road.. She looks at the joggers who has come to run on the road.. She is hungry.. She is feeling dizzy.. She is alone.. She is crying for help….


Yes this life is a short journey. Just a few thousand days. We are comparable to lizards, monkeys which have evolved some more and we are of no more or less worth than a lizard/monkey. Gods are just concepts which help man suffer less. And no one cares when we die. 

Having said that what is the maximum we can get out of this life? What is there in this world which is at least worth living this life and not dying today itself?

Being free from pain? But that does not make you automatically happy.

Love and Work. There is no purpose for both. We are not seeking to achieve something because of them. They need not be recognized or appreciated. True Love and True Work. It is not dependent on what state you are in. It helps you forget the past nor get stressed out for the future. This is the essence of how societies are built. Most of the people do that without being aware of it. Somewhere down the line, maybe due to a few incidents or incorrect beliefs, few people tend to forget that. 

But the most beautiful and happy thing seems to be the act of love and doing work.

Keep loving and working. There is nothing more you can really do.

jeyamohan on life

நாம் வாழ்வது சரியான வாழ்க்கையா என்று நாமே மதிப்பிடுவது மிக எளிது ஒருவருடத்தை நினைவில் ஓட்டி அந்த நாட்களில் எத்தனை நாட்களை நமக்கு நிறைவளிக்கும்படி செலவிட்டிருக்கிறோம் என்று பார்ப்பதுதான். எது நமக்கு உண்மையான நிறைவையும் மகிழ்ச்சியையும் அளிக்கிறது, அதை நோக்கி நாம் சென்றிருக்கிறோமா என்று அவதானித்தால் போதும். அந்த ஒருவருடத்தின் விரிவே மொத்த வாழ்க்கையும்

நான் என் வாழ்க்கையில் எழுத்து,வாசிப்பு,பயணம்,நட்புகள்,குடும்பம் என்பனவற்றையே இன்பம் என்று எண்ணியிருக்கிறேன். அவை ஒவ்வொன்றுக்கும் உரியநாட்களை செலவிட்டிருக்கிறேன் என திரும்பிப்பார்க்கையில் காண்கிறேன். அவற்றைத் தவிர்த்து என்னுடைய அகங்காரத்தை நிறைவுசெய்யும் அபத்தமான வெற்றிகளை நோக்கி நான் ஓடியதில்லை.

திரும்பிப்பார்க்கையில் நாம் நமக்களிக்கப்பட்ட நாட்களை நம்முடைய அகம் நிறைவுகொள்ளும்படி செலவிட்டிருந்தால் அந்த வாழ்க்கை முழுமையானதுதான்



Start your day at 8.00 AM. Wear your coolers and helmet or Wait in the nearest stop. Start your bike or take a bus. Go fast. Stand in Thiruvanmiyur Signal. Go fast. Sun is starting to beat down. Co-passengers are brushing/pushing against you. Stop in the toll. Go fast. It has started sweating. Stand in Sholinganallur Signal/inside the bus. Go fast. A lorry is blaring from behind. You move to the left. or you get down and take a share auto. You are drenched. You enter the office compound.

Start at 6 PM. Same thing. Except that sun is absent, the traffic is much more and you are still sweating like hell.

Distance between Thiruvanmiyur and Siruseri- 21 kms


Time taken for 1 person – The average time taken for an ordinary person from Siruseri to Madhya Kailash during weekday peak office hours is between 1.5 hours to 2 hours per way totally averaging around 3 hours per day (unless you have a helicopter like Amma or you are a superman).

Major Categories of Persons Travelling:

IT professionals- As per a report, no. of professionals (mainly IT) working in OMR approximates to 1,40,100 people in 2007 and around 2 lakhs in 2012. Cognizant, Wipro, Sathyam, TCS… Don’t know what they are doing in Office.. So many people..

College Students: educational institutions in OMR include Sathyabama Engineering College, Jeppiar Engineering College, St.Josephs Engineering College, SSN, Hindustan University, KCG College of Technology, Jerusalem College of Engineering, MNM Jain College, Anand Institute of Technology, Mohammad Sathak Arts and Science, Arupadai Veedu Institute of Technology, National Martitime University, N.I.F.T. stretch having around 1 lakh students. Don’t know if they are studying but surely they are travelling.

Residents of around 24,450 apartments minimum, hospitals- Chettinad Health City,etc, hotels-Asiana Hotel, leisure facilities lying within a few kilometers radius for the entire family including entertainment centers like Mayajaal and Prarthana Drive-in Theatre, AGS Theatre, amusement parks like VGP and MGM, tourist centers like Mutukkad Boating Center, Crocodile Bank and Dakshinachitra, and beach resorts like Ideal Beach Resort and GRT Temple Bay. (approx. 1,00,000 people)… (Author conveys his apologies to those staying on the 25 th floor of Hiranandani in Siruseri and those going to MGM during the peak summer.. Really of all the places?)

Opportunity Cost– On a conservative estimate, around a whopping 3.5 lakh people commute per day in the OMR. On an average opportunity cost lost of around 3 hours on an average on an hourly salary of Rs. 200 (Average of Rs.45000 per month, 10 hours per day and 23 days a month) this equals Rs. 21 crores lost per day. (Though the assumptions regarding the average salary maybe a little bit on the higher side this is taken to include the magnitude of their travel and is offset by the higher cost of living and increasing number of professionals day to day).

Cost of fuel spent/bus charges/Share Auto– An average person spends about Rs.52.5 per day to travel (42 kms /60 kmpl * 75) resulting in Rs.17.5 Crores per day. This is apart from the depreciation charges for the vehicles/drivers salary, traffic police salary, if any, etc.

No. of accidents in OMR as per R. Anandan, President, Rajiv Gandhi Salai All Lorry Owners Welfare Association is 3 or 4 accidents every day.(Sympathies to the lorry and bus drivers causing those)

Cost of building Metro/extension of MRTS per km– As per the recent Chennai Metro project report, the cost of project is around 14,600 crores for 45 km line approx Rs.325 crores per km. Assuming similar contract terms, for this stretch of 21 kms it would cost around Rs.6825 crores. It may also be significantly lesser due to fully elevated development (no underground), minimum land acquisition cost and lesser number of stations. This computes to about a mind bogglingly low figure of just 170 days pay back period.

Other incidental benefits– Development of business and residential properties (Yes Mr. Premji, Mr.Murthy, Mr.Nadar you can build more complexes), safety for passengers particularly during late hours (Go woman rights!!), road safety(bye bye to Lorry horns), end to inconveniences of travelling in Share Autos and Crowded Buses (no comments), fully Air Conditioned coaches will be a relief from peak summer/monsoon seasons , Lesser Pollution, Noise and Dust, Increasing load factor to other connected networks like MRTS, Metro, etc.

This can be done as an Joint initiative between the State Govt and the major institutions like IT companies, educational instituitions and reality developers who would be greatly benefited by this facility (lower staff costs/more students/higher real estate prices).

Other projects like Flyover/Link roads do not really solve the problem since they do nothing but take the traffic to the next signal. Our Mr. Karunanidhi has built infinite flyovers during his reign and rests peacefully in his wheelchair whereas the ‘city’zens see their watch and look at the skies.


What is engineering?

Engineering education is the activity of teaching knowledge and principles related to the professional practice of engineering. It includes the initial education for becoming an engineer and any advanced education and specializations that follow.

What can you expect from an engineering degree?

How do you join one in Tamil Nadu?

You can either follow the TNEA admissions route, the respective entrance requirement/tst for the deemed universities(from the college’s website) or pay money to the appropriate persons.

TNEA admission route:

1.The student can check the eligibilty conditions, fill the application form along with the documents and wait for the counselling letters.

2.They can see the college they are likely eligible based on previous year cut-off:

What are the details should you know about these colleges?

1. Basics like Year of establishment, Affliated/Deemed, Promoter, Location Photos- and the respective websites

2. Confirm accreditation/affliation details in

3. Check the pass percentage in previous years:

4. Enquire the % of Placements and future prospects from the seniors-through facebook pages,etc.

5. Enquire the quality of faculty from the seniors-hrough facebook pages,etc.

6. Check for any incidents like ragging, drugs, liquor and violence in the previous year through a google search.

7.  Check the infrastructure like classroom, labs, sports facilities and extra curricular activities through photos from college websites/ try to  physically visit the college .


Join the college!!



It is immaterial to anyone what we are going to do or achieve or talk in the life of ours. I saw a lizard on the wall having sex with another. Now what is the use of it?

Man is just another lizard. Maybe a lizard which can think. This lizard has constructed walls, computer, clothes, religions, values. This lizard is attracted to another lizard. This lizard is scared of bigger lizards. This lizard has conjured up a God because this lizard thinks lizard has to exist because someone has wished them to be a lizard. Ultimately this lizard is going to die. Whether this lizard is happy or sad? Is a millionaire or begger? Has 100 wifes as lizards or non? Whether lizard is handsome or ugly? Whether lizard is blind or deaf or mute or handicapped?

But it is good for the lizard to feel happy about having been born as lizard. Have some goals, do some activities, dream. Otherwise the lizard may feel better off dying than crawling on the wall. But lizard should be careful enough to understand that it is a dream. Otherwise it has to believe in god. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. Assume you have an illness and a medicine gives you constant relief forever, you take it.As long as the pain is alleviated it is enough. Who cares about what the lizard thinks when it is dead.

So this lizard has decided that feeling happy and more importantly staying away from pain, either physical or mental, is possibly the highest thing a lizard can achieve in this world.

There are certain things which this lizard thinks it finds happiness in:There are certain things the lizard finds pain in.Also the lizard in its own little mind wants to achieve certain things before it dies.

The lizard will do the highest the lizard possibly can by doing things it thinks it finds happiness in, thinking about doing things it thinks it finds happiness in, not doing what is causes it pain, not thinking about what causes pain, trying to achieve the goals the little lizard mind thinks and thinking it is just a lizard.

This lizard has just written something which it thinks it finds happiness in. Who cares?


Kind of hazy blurred image. FA Cup Final 2005 against Man Utd.  A rural village. with my cousin. Around 10 PM. We were tired and sleepy. Match was boring. To make it interesting, I support the team with the black guy with the big neck and a C band on his arm.  80 minutes into the game, the power went off with the scores tied. Shit. First thing next morning I switched on the TV. Follow the match. Penalties. Last Penalty. Tension. Paul Scholes missed. Black guy with the big neck and a C band on his arm scores. His neck goes back and forth.

Cmon!!! Yeah!!!! Fuck you!!! Arsenal!!