Coconut Water


We buy coconut water {Elaneer) everyday from the road corner tender coconut vendor.. For 35 bucks a tendo, it is a rich man’s previlege to slurp a shot of potassium to beat the heat.. Fact(to the extent true): It is said that during war days when there was a shortage of drips, coconut water was given Intra Venous to patients..

For the past couple of days, we noted that the coconut water inside the tender coconut was getting lesser and lesser like the ground water in Saurashtra.. It was as if we needed to sink a borewell ourselves… For all that orange backs(indian rupee notes are in orange) we got only a couple of sips between the cup and the lip.. When we confronted the evil vendor, he kept a straight face (and an evil grin in his head i presume) and told that he was not responsible for the variable returns of water from a tendo and quoted the standard deviation figure.. 

Being Aggreived.. To combat this problem in war footing, as P.Chidambaram remarks, we got an empty bottle the next day and asked him to fill it.. it dint reach quarter of the bottle.. We had a smirk of victory and the Tender Coconut Water Vendor conceded defeat and filled an extra Tendo in the bottle free of charge.. Victory!!



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