Farewell Mails



Why does a person write a farewell mail when he is changing his job?

Express his joy at being released from the prison! Vent his anger/fury about the prison life! For the heck of it! Taking a dig at his bosses! Emotionally coming to terms with the agony of having to write another farewell mail in the future! For receivers of the mail to identify the other people whom the mail was sent to! Tease the colleague friends that they are still in prison..Using the words like ‘wonderful journey’,’challenges’, ‘motivation’, ‘expectations’, ‘passion’.. Apologising for the treats not given and the bills not paid to friends.. Pressing the Alt+S button for one last time from Outlook mailbox..

Whatever ur reason is.. the best you can do with a farewell mail is to save it in the drafts and forget to send it..  Look below to know why



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