Steps to prevent Rape


Rape occurrences have increased tremendously in recent times or it may be that media coverage has increased! (Fact: Arnab Goswami can talk 50 times more than an average housewife in India)

The reason behind the rape occurrences is the sexual energy present in the males and the absence of proper means to satisfy it.. the inadequate safeguards/deterrents to prevent such incidents aides in such incidents..

Measures to be taken to prevent the sexual energy from arising:

Propogating the virtues of celibacy among the youths.. Sex education and highlighting immorality of such acts in schools.. Censoring the adult content  roaming the movies, TV, internet (Ms. Kaif, Chikni Chameli doesn’t help!) .. Cleansing beaches, parks, cinema halls from digressing activities.. Reducing the unemployment so that idle time can be reduced.. Dress code for women in public places..(Request: Madam please be more liberal in ur dressing outlook).. Controlling alcohol use.. Isolating serial offenders of rape related crimes or persons who have attempted such crimes(Yes ie u Mr. Minor Kunju)..

Measures to be taken to satisfy it in proper form:

Legalising prostitution, campaigns on the importance of masturbation and subsidising selling of adult magazines, media,etc (You heard it right Mr.Heff Hoffner);  Campaigns on meaningful sex with spouses; Conjugal visits in prison; Matchmaking services by government..steps for improving the sex ratio between males and females in future;


Improved surveillance in public areas(including inside Parliament), Stricter punishments, Faster judgements (your honor.. the case was filed when u were still in ur law college), Arrests in anticipation of crime, Self defence skills to women, avenue to hassle free administration of complaints..

U can highlight this when u meet the Aam Aadmi party member next time!!



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