Trip to a restaurant



Went to a restaurant for my aunts birthday.. She is a middle aged woman who has taken a voluntary retirement..  She has no kids, a half maniac husband and a house as small as a rats hole.. Dont understand y she should take a retirement.. that too voluntarily.. Well thats beside the point..

Had told them earlier I would not be able to make it for the dinner… So as I enter this restaurant they suddenly realise my presence and squeal with excitement..  y do people squeal opening their eyes widely in surprise.. am incognito but not a ghost ..

I ask the aunt how old she is.. With a hint of remorse she answers..(authors note: a woman’s age should not be disclosed..) in her 50’s.. What is with the remorse .. I will be happy to swap my life with hers.. to live with a pension, a tiny flat with split AC and an LCD TV.. and just wait for the call from the umpire upstairs..  

The half maniac husband flouts it around the dinner table and pokes it on my face.. a plaque.. I glance at it.. an award given for his 30th year of service as ‘accounts officer’ in the state-run organisation ‘as a mark of respect for his dedication and sincerity’ with a cash award of thousand rupees.. 30 years of 6 day weeks has passed and a plaque to show for it.. .. He asks me if i had noticed that his name was printed wrongly on the plaque..  30 years passed and a plaque with a wrong name to show for it… 

We order a celebration meal.. what is there to celebrate? Share and eat.. Nothing much to comment on eating and the incessant chatter that accompanies it..

The bill comes with the waiter and suddenly there is a fight about as to who would foot it.. The half maniac husband and my mother have a dialogue and ultimately the hmh foots it.. why he fakes the pleasure when he is going to be two quid poorer with an unemployed wife at home..

so thats it.. a trip to a restaurant and my relative turns her age plus one day…



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