Udhayam NH4 review



Udhayam NH4..  why they kept that title therila machi.. 

Movie is like Karthi’s Paiyya and bit like Alex Pandiyan.. Enna anga Lancer inga Honda City and bike.. Siddharth ‘chocoboy’ ‘cho chweet’ from girls POV – sema mokkai tp from boys POV..  heroine vice versa.. heroine’s kannada accent tamil is very cute .. 

College friends are lockal tamil baays from North Chennai always thirsty for ‘quarter’ and their slangs and dialogues r terrific.. And villain kay kay menon .. if u hav seen Kahaani.. is really impressive with his reactions..

Story ok till climax.. appo appo konjam over bandha bit vetti scene.. Gaana Baala “Ora kannala oram kattura” masss song.. Saindhavi song ok.. Three fights.. One kiss.. Climax light’a mokkai.. 

Worth Watching !! but its like you enter the bus in signal and get down after two stops before conductor asks for ticket.. so fast! 

PS: They switched off AC at interval in the theatre I went.. 



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