Seriously, Hang in There

Inspirational take on Inspirational stories..

Peas and Cougars

Most people like silly inspirational stories. At least, I assume most people do because I see people posting them all the time and there’s never any winky faces to hint that they might be joking. Sometimes the only way I get through the day is to pretend that everyone on Facebook is a master of sarcasm.

I’ve never found any of these inspirational stories to be especially inspirational. They make you think that if someone is telling you that they don’t like you it’s only because they playing a little word joke because they actually *love* you.

This doesn’t happen in real life. If someone tells you they don’t like you, they actually probably hate you. People downplay the bad, not the good. That’s just science.

If I wrote my own inspirational memes or greeting cards, I’d want them to actually show you something real. If someone tells me to…

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