6 months at home


A prelogue ..

Studied science.. Then realized wasn’t going to become a scientist .. Nor was the paying s  ‘enginerring college owner’s welfare fee’ very appealing ..

Was very interested in the business world..  Din’t mind earning the mind boggling salaries generally flouted by MBA’s.. chose to become accountant.. i had one in the family already.. 


ok this is where the story starts..

6 months was time gap between the starting of the course and the exam..had to spend that time at home ..my good ol’ friends usually ask  “what were you doing all these days?darn i would have died sitting at home for 6 months” .. i would  muster a “i was studying on and off and it wont be so boring when i start going to work in some months time and start getting some cash ” ..and such…

yesterday lifting my dumbell for the 12th bicep curl, i suddenly remembered the question and thought about it for sometime..

spending 6 months at home is not so boring as people think..it is just an extended vacation to be honest..this will somewhat resemble a sketch of  daily routine..

5.00-wake up


9.00 – till i sleep-no routine

rarely read the news papers ’cause with all these bombings in the country and the political leaders on the front page would’nt really want to damage my wonderful day so early in the morning… Rrelish on some good fruits and breakfast ..try to concentrate deeply on what i eat cause some bloke on the tv,guess it was jeggi vasudev, said “concentrate on anything you do” and some ridiculous thoughts come to my mind like why were the dosas not made in a different shape (ok i made that up just now..but i did think of something similar) or why vada had a hole down the middle and maybe the guys at polo copied the concept of ‘mint with the hole’ from vada..sort of enjoy the feeling and then sit idle for sometime..

would be in a dilemma whether to switch on the tv first or the computer first..usually would go with the tv because in that option you don’t need to choose something specific which you want to see…you dont need to think and it saves precious energy you know..sometimes would watch programmes like teleshopping (tsn) ,which sometimes wonder even the people who telecast them don’t see themselves, just to test my patience(am not joking when i say i watched tsn. i really did watch ’em)..would be cool to feed on the thoughts like ‘ you are the only person seeing that programme in this city’ and certain times would even make me proud.. after some time would turn to computers..’doing the same thing for a long time kills your mind’..heard that somewhere..’variety is the spice of life’..dont need more clues..

after getting the daily bulletin of sports news from espnstar.com, skysports.com, bbc.co.uk/sport, goal.com (yes all of ’em..i guess i am a sports freak) would visit rottentomatoes.com and get the ratings for almost all the movies given in the tv guide in the newspaper (yeah would read that page in the news paper)..not that i would see all of ’em but you know you need to be up to date with all the things..this option would get exhausted in 40 or 45 minutes..would feel bored..that’s why they have created something called social networking sites..facebook-that’s one thing which has helped me survive the 6 months.. would see all the notifications i have got and it wouldnt be many cos  would have visited the site only a few hours back. would see the photos of my friends.. think i have exhausted it..so any picture posted before november would have atleast one visitor..me.

and knowing that it would just be a matter of time before that also gets exhausted would stop with some pics for the day and keep the rest for future viewing..  would then sit idle in facebook or orkut homepage and think about blokes like mark zuckerberg and orkut buyukkokten(man!that’s a good name to keep for your child)..or would press the x button in the ‘friends you may know’ list till it dries up..

wait till the point i can’t bear no more ..i call this my boring point..i think it would have a symbol similar to inverted pie (i cooked that up just now).. illustration: sundays and holidays would have a high boring point..try to increase this everyday..after this point i would do the most shameful act of the day..would take a book.. yes but dont curse me…pl dont laugh at me..for one moment think from the perspective of a person who has watched tsn and who sat idle in facebook for 1 hour..think you will empathise… reading story books isnt an option cos for me they all are same..gems in whichever colour it is made tastes just the same.. and reading 300 odd pages just to know that your villain is caught by the hero is just plain dumbness..also would kind of feel guilty not having studied from the morning..guilt-man!!that’s an awkward feeling. .so would open my study material ..Am not lying when i say this, it would really be a very pleasant feeling doing some accounts problems and learning new things in law. though there are things like economics which when i study think watching tsn itself is better but overall guess studying isnt as bad as had thought of in school.. 

consciously avoid video games since that affect my peace of mind and it is kind of addictive..also the fact that ‘my 2001 bought computer’ is very protective of me and wouldnt want any rogues harming me and therefore not playing most of them could be a factor for not playing video games..

the story is nearing the end cos like the facebook pics i have exhausted almost everything i had in my mind..

sometimes think of what i have learned this past 6 months..apart from explicit learning like what i learned for the exam and typing(yes..i learned that) i learnt quite some things..

1.’the devil is in the detail’ is wrong..’the angel is in the detail’

2. a lot of pictures posted in facebook are bad cause they have people in it.

3.if you want to get something done..do the opposite thing..i wanted to study..so i dint study..sounds a bit contradictory..but it’s true..

4.tsn has good models.

5.i need to change my computer.

and the most important of ’em all



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