Beautiful City


It is a beautiful city..Even more during the rains.. during night.. the hustle and bustle of city life gets submerged in the rain water.. the other side of city life appears.. the one more enjoyable..


The best thing in a rainy night is to have dessert .. a coffee shop,a dessert place,a hangout .. 


The cutlery. those spoons,fork, side plates, mugs and bowls..  polished,white and carefully selected pieces of fine dining.  To be born with a silver spoon..not a golden bracelet?not a diamond earring? a silver


The place. not bright..not dim..not crowded..not deserted..not hip..not giggling behind the counter..taking ages to bring that one latte and the stale sandwich!


The Food. Fruit creams. Black Forest Cake. Apple Pie. Tiramisu. Chocolate brownie …hmm…a nicely made piping hot chocolate brownie.


It is a beautiful city.


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