Gods own country

Are you going to visit Kerala backwaters anytime soon? Been amazed by the pictures? What do you have in mind?

Dense green forests..coconut trees..attractive people..rains maybe..

Except coconut trees you haven’t got anything right..first thing :it isn’t like what they show in the ads (or the pic above)..you should have known that by now. you must have been fooled by so many of these ‘incredible India campaign’ ads where you almost believe that India is incredible indeed and on getting there realize that ‘incredible’ refers to the people who made those ads and not the country itself..


Kerala in as little words as possible..

Temperature is horrible..above 35 deg Celsius in the second half of December and not a sandy beach around- isn’t very attractive..the camera doesn’t show you the temperature..

Girls are no where near the beauty of an Asin, Nayantara or “Parvaty omanakuttan”.. serious.. You don’t want to marry a Malayali woman..the cameras shoot only the models !!

Picturesque lush green backwaters are in reality just 4-5 feet deep and dirty..You don’t want to get in.. the camera doesn’t show you the depth..

Sea food may have been a respite for non vegetarians (sea food) but if vegetarian, You are better off starving than eating their red rice and Sambhar ..the camera doesn’t show you the taste ..

and finally .. being an Indian, . foreigners treats u as a local and being tourists the locals treats u as a foreigner..kind of funny..nothing else funny about Kerala..

go to Goa if you want the sun.. go to Shimla if you want the cold..leave Kerala to the gods!!


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