Six Pack Experiences


Want to get that six  pack abs you have always dreamed of ?  Think again.  Sharing  experiences of gym life..


Two gyms frequented before losing the dream..

Gym 1– AC, high tech equipments, Reebok certified fitness trainers, Sauna and well equipped changing room, World space radio and a Reebok mat to do abs.


Gym 2-Non AC, Second or maybe third hand equipments obeying simple gravitational laws, trainer-a gym jock (who is not the owner) who has no job but flexing his biceps, an unmaintained rest room where I bet no one would rest, a small tv with sun music or wwe on it and a wooden stick to do abs..


The probable reasons for not becoming Bruce Lee were:

Gym 1: was really cosy and nice with the AC, music and friends.  Gym is not the best place to relax.

Gym 2:  Sun Music!! Simbu movie got released. Vechukava unamattum nenjukulla.. Awesome song. No regrets there..

The one really good thing with gyms is that even if you feel bored and do not want to really lift those heavy weights there are a lot of interesting people whom you could watch and while away your time..


Gym 1: guy who had a hairstyle of shriya in kandhasamy(that short hairstyle guys). comes in with a tight black tshirt. Even before warming up would just go to the weights section, keep the weight to one below the maximum possible and lift a couple and then move on to the next. He would never stand at one place.He would just jump around between the Equipments,and sweat like as if he was chased by a Doberman ..

Certain really beautiful creatures of the opposite sex who would do their cardio in treadmill. Me and my unnamed friend would try to chase them with the efx equipment kept behind the treadmill, like the way ilaya thalapathi does trying to catch the moving train thinking the heroine is in it..

Gym 2: Two skinny adolescents who were desperate for a ‘vaaranam ayiram’ surya look (never mind the face)..would probably weigh around 80 kg put together.

The gym trainer blabbered things which you listen to in spiritual lectures.’The main thing is concentration,dedication and hard work’.(muscles dude not crap talk). his own words, “doesn’t matter what you eat,Matters how you eat it.Eat curd rice but think of the muscles and eat it


Abs’ guy with the WWE superstar ‘Rock’ on his T-shirt. Anytime you look at him, what does he do?Abs. Me- stretches,he – crunches. Me – biceps,he – crunches on a slanting bench. Me- chest, he- crunches with a wooden stick. Me- shoulders,he-crunches with his legs upwards….


Searching for a reason to stop gymming (and also to end this post) , realising I was not Prabu Deva(who got Nayantara), I stopped going to the gym.

So with nice(and not so nice) experiences collected am back home feasting on those nice oily bhajjis not thinking about a six pack and definitely not going to a gym, living happily ever after!!


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