Why is Vijayakanth still acting?



Came across huge cut outs of a huge Vijayakant. Apparently for his new movie (name irrelevant) music launch.

Why is Vijayakant still acting?

For one thing, the physical effort needed for acting is ,if stated euphemistically,  difficult for a man of his presence.   Second the money he pumps in (mainly to rope in the heroines) ,like his election deposits, goes down the drain. Thirdly the CGI technology has reached the common man to such an extent that even a seven year old with Photoshop can now merge his faces into that of a tiger or lion (earlier the Unique Sales Proposition of Vijayakant). Finally finally, if all of this is an advertising campaign for his political party, it really does more harm to him than good. Voters in the poll booth start laughing uncontrollably on thinking about him put an omlette on the heroine’s stomach and vote elsewhere.

The real reason behind all this hoopla is of course of his desire to be in the limelight.  But the real test of “a Captain”, is his ability to trust and pass on the baton to the future. Ok I made that up. Ask Sourav Ganguly who was a captain.

Long story short  – High time U quit Acting Captain!  


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