Life Lizard’s way

It is immaterial to anyone what we are going to do or achieve or talk in the life of ours. I saw a lizard on the wall having sex with another. Now what is the use of it?

Man is just another lizard. Maybe a lizard which can think. This lizard has constructed walls, computer, clothes, religions, values. This lizard is attracted to another lizard. This lizard is scared of bigger lizards. This lizard has conjured up a God because this lizard thinks lizard has to exist because someone has wished them to be a lizard. Ultimately this lizard is going to die. Whether this lizard is happy or sad? Is a millionaire or begger? Has 100 wifes as lizards or non? Whether lizard is handsome or ugly? Whether lizard is blind or deaf or mute or handicapped?

But it is good for the lizard to feel happy about having been born as lizard. Have some goals, do some activities, dream. Otherwise the lizard may feel better off dying than crawling on the wall. But lizard should be careful enough to understand that it is a dream. Otherwise it has to believe in god. Ultimately it doesn’t matter. Assume you have an illness and a medicine gives you constant relief forever, you take it.As long as the pain is alleviated it is enough. Who cares about what the lizard thinks when it is dead.

So this lizard has decided that feeling happy and more importantly staying away from pain, either physical or mental, is possibly the highest thing a lizard can achieve in this world.

There are certain things which this lizard thinks it finds happiness in:There are certain things the lizard finds pain in.Also the lizard in its own little mind wants to achieve certain things before it dies.

The lizard will do the highest the lizard possibly can by doing things it thinks it finds happiness in, thinking about doing things it thinks it finds happiness in, not doing what is causes it pain, not thinking about what causes pain, trying to achieve the goals the little lizard mind thinks and thinking it is just a lizard.

This lizard has just written something which it thinks it finds happiness in. Who cares?


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