Monthly Archives: August 2013

I was coming by bus from Office.. I made a conscious decision to look at the different kind of shops which are there in a city along the street.. I think that would give an idea of what People are buying.. cos if they are setting up shops, surely it would mean someone is buyng.. and what people are most interested in.. cos they would buy what they would be most interested in..

The largest number of shops were food stalls, followed by dress shops, tea stalls, shoe shops, automobile parts, electronic shops, mobile shops, one paint shop, invitation cards shops, lights shops, dentists shops, flower bazaar, Supermarkets, Photo Studio, Xerox, Vegetable market, Training centre…

The only conclusion I could arrive after seeing so many food stalls is that so many people want so many different kinds of food.. Hyderabad Biriyani, KFC, Keliat Nasi Penita Malaysian cuisine, A2B Chaat items, Grand Sweets Amirtham, Adyar Bakerys Paneer Puffs, Roadside Parota kadais Parotta with Salna , Mainland China’s Noodles, Andhra Mess Full Meals, Kanchi Sweets Pink Rasagullas, Baskin Robbins 32 flavours of Icecream, Dosa Diners 101 varities of Dosas, Grilled Kababs at 800 per plate, 10 flavours of color drinks, 28 brands of biscuits, a Saravana Bhavan menu card which stretches from Parotta to Pasta extending from Vadapalani to Washington..  one common denominator of all these items is that it should taste good to the LCM mans tongue.. Why is it that people think with their tongue rather than the stomach? Though hunger is quite a large pain, why is it that many people don’t see the pleasure of eating light and a plate with raw vegetables/ cut fruits – a fresh slice of cucumber or a juicy bite of apple rather than the hard cooking with frying and deep pans and oil and hot chilli and excess salt, the chicken wings or the bowlful of rice or the bucketful of Sambar.. then comes the drowsiness after loading the abdomen upto the neck with rice or fryums or noodles with the sauces akin to a tipper lorry carring full load of sand..  the uneasiness the moment it reaches the stomach and the gases it forms..  the unpleasantness overall for the day henceforth.. Is it really that difficult?