Monthly Archives: September 2013


Success is the achievement of one’s goals. For an athlete, it may be to get the gold medal. For a student, to get the top marks. For a mother, to raise a child with good character. Becoming successful makes the person happy.

But is it so?  instances have shown that sometimes successful people are not happy. For eg. Michael Jackson the world famous singer cannot be more successful you would think but he committed suicide. The thing is- it also depends on the perspective from whom we define success. For eg. for an outsider, an athlete may not be successful if he gets the silver medal, whereas for an athlete who has undergone tremendous injuries in his career, he may define it as success since their definition of goals are different.  

Success is not achieved, since people fail to define success properly. In many cases, the goals are in their mind without being given proper thought and shape,some people even going to the extent of thinking about it may jinx it.

Success can be achieved by defining proper goals and restructuring/replacing unrealistic or exaggerated dreams with proper achievable goals. Instead of dreaming of becoming the defensive midfielder of your favourite football club try to become the team player in your company’s management team. You deserve the happiness!!