Old Age

Old age.. The period of life where people don’t know whether to recollect their past or think of the future.. Really when you are old.. What do you think? The past happiness and regrets.. or the future.. which is the most disturbing of all.. Death.. It is intriguing in a sense but also it raises a lot of fear for lot of people.. From my point of view, my fear is more towards the pain and manner of how the life is going to come to an end.. Whether we have achieved what we have been set out to perform, if at all there is something.. Everyone in this country is not a Gandhi, Ambedkar who has done so much to the society that he can be proud to say.. Everyone is just a passenger, who after drifting through  school, college, childhood, employment, marriage, children, children s marriage, retirement and grandchildren just comes to a screeching and winding down halt… Lot of physical and mental pain.. Do they get a sense of clarity that it is just a game that they have played and irrespective of whether they won or lost the game, the game is going to end and it does not matter to anyone whether they have won or lost, except to themselves, now that they themselves have realized, it does not even matter to them .. So what is the purpose.. They could have quit this game before.. Maybe they dint enjoy the game enough.. Maybe it is time now for them to enjoy the maximum.. Maybe we can tell the young children these when they are young so that they learn it and enjoy from the beginning..



Surveys- Do more old people believe in God when they are old? Why?




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