Beautiful Women

Why is it that men like women who look beautiful.. There is nothing the women did to make herself beautiful.. Maybe she did take the effort to go to the beauty parlor or the gym… But compare her with the so called non-beautiful women.. Nothing is in her hands really.. Maybe her father and mother dint look that way.. Maybe she had suferred an accident in the past.. But there is an increasing level of unhappiness on not finding oneself beautiful which I find is unneccessary.. 

All women are beautiful in a deeper sense of the word.. But what is really seen is how they appear.. I think boys (future men )are over exposed to porn and movies these days and aspire for heroines in their everyday life.. It comes naturally for them to compare all girls they meet to the ideal women they have modeled in their mind based on their is easy for guys to figure the girls they meet having sex with you.. Some women even actually take advantage of this and dress to appease, consciously or unconsciously.

But the fact is the intensity of sex is not propotional to how beautiful a women is.. After all you can have self satisfying masturbation without a woman itself but just thinking of a woman.. So it is the thoughts that matter.. my conclusion is, instead of vying for the most beautiful women in the world, whose pleasure may last for few nights, look for the women is most happiest, who can be your friend, share your thoughts and can bring happiness to your life.. Saves money, saves time, saves effort.


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