Eat to live

What food should I eat? Eat to live or live to eat dilemma seems to surround everyone these days .. With the increasing ads featuring that dripping cheese pizza or the crunnnccchhhy KFC chicken or yummy MCD burger and luring us in all possible ways including sex like Katrina kaif in slice and dedicated channels showing delicacies from around the world the importance of food seems to have increased over the past 50 years.

This can also be seen by the increasing waistlines of people  which seem to have crossed all reasonable measurements , with textile companies starting to sell extra large t-shirts, fitness solutions and ever increasing appointments in the doctors diary..

All this indicates to one thing – tongue is overtaking the brain .. They say man evolved from monkey, quid pro quo will need no more than fruits, nuts, the occasional vegetable, fruit juices maybe. Surely i presume not the chicken tikkas and paneer butter masalas .to rob man of these delicacies would seem criminal but one can visualize the good feeling of a light stomach, a stomach without the heaviness of full biriyani stuffed into it..

Just imagine you wake up to a glass of water and some lime juice.. You do fitness activities, have an orange / pomogranet , walnuts and a cup of porridge .. For lunch u have a veg sandwich and a juice , for dinner some rice and rasam / chapatti and chenna.. How energetic u become. I definitely feel this world is losing all the pleasure of nice life.

There are also repercussions from the food we eat. A life may be killed in the process of fulfilling our pleasure to consume non veg .. We don’t feel the guilt because we are so far away from the actual crime with even words designed to evade guilt – chicken replacing hen, beef replacing cow, mutton instead of goat .. How so convenient.. Saving on extravagant food is light on ur wallet too.

I feel u can control the urge to pick that box of snack so well wrapped with glossy paper or the cola with the smiling Katrina by imagining the lightness of stomach u r losing , thinking how ur grandad lived, visualising the oil circulating in your stomach, seeing the the smiling face of the CEO living in his mansion, the innocent hen slaughtered, and if you can,  the poor kids in Africa dying without a meal.


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