For a human who is popularly called social animal, the dependence on other humans ois very high. It is through the collaborative effort that he was able to survive and live in generations which hard dangerous animals and living conditions. In the modern world this dependence has increased materially with division of labour . what was earlier restricted to confines of the village became tpown city country and world. Imagine for one moment if people in China stop producing electronic goods, the last guy in India who is using telecom equipment cheaply will feel the pinch. World has become so interconnected that we can’t live without others.

In this context communication that is expression of thoughts and feelings is very important.  To say the things the right way at the right tone with right body language and facial expression using right words understanding the situation and context of the person listening is a very key skill  today. The same is with writing mails, creating ppt, designing mis, dressing, smile when new guy cones, exchanging pleasantries.

Each person is very interesting in their own way and have lot of value adds and things that can be learned from. They have developed his/her own niche through division of labor and their own interest and circumstance and the years they have lived on the planet. If the correct signal is communicated through developing of  relationship if possible, or through communicating right way they can cooperate and bring in much more results. It is within my power to use one brain or 1 billion brains.

The objective of task is to be clearly understood, put in simple words and communicated firmly. The seriousness should also be kept in mind, what maybe likely causes of misconception should be thought about and what is the desired effect on recipient needs to be planned.

Language is another tool through which communication can be improved. Learning Hindi gives access to communicate with 500 million more people and their feelings and thoughts. There is also a camaraderie for people who talk their own tongue.


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