Well.. The other day I was browsing through first few pages of CA magazine.. I came across V.Murali who was past president of icai..  ‘CA does not mean come again exam’.. ‘Jesus does not fail’. So much philosophy that people would misconstrue it as a philosophical publication.. The same is the case with many CA books.. Many of u would have noticed a couple of quotes even in MPV’s book.. I was wondering what the fuss is about..

If you really think about it… CA LIfe is a microcosm of the entire life.. There are lot of wrong turns.. Somewhere down the line you forget what you came for and remember it after it is over like the formulas in exams.. It is about friends.. It is about caring for the important things , like conc on the scoring topics.. Taking guidance from those seniors who have already passed this exam called life..Making a strategy.. Getting up even after falling down.. Not repeating same mistakes the next time..Rewriting your history after failed attempts.. .  
Well.. as persons who have to endure another 50 years.. I would like to share some generally accepted tips to live this life .. well in CA language..  The worth of an asset is the present value of future cash flows.. so the value of our life today must be the present value of your future happiness.. And there is nothing called risk free returns in life.. Each outflow is a derivative of the inflow.. Our future depends on whether we choose the correct option..  The standards we maintain throughout our life ie our habits and the company we keep may define the outcome of our case.. Dont complicate life like provisions of companies act..  Dont tax urself with unnecessary issues which do not demand notice (like the Black scholes formula) and remember that there is no-one except urself to whom u need to showcause for ur actions..

We need to Act upon our self-assessment, deduct our worries and not forget to pay our advance taxes within coming 30th.. Well u cant forget deadlines just bcos it is a light topic.. Anyways Budget your time, marginalize your  inactions, every inaction does have a price.. life does not take a linear path..there maybe different nodes, different loops, different formulas.. but ultimately what matters is the critical path which you choose to live your life.. Don’t go through life without understanding it like ISCA.. Live ethically..Act professionally.. Consolidate your wealth, Amalgamate with your inner self and Value the better things in life.. And lastly always remember that at the end of the day both watchdog and bloodhounds are dogs.. Well even if we dont make good CA’s we will make good philosophers… 🙂


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