Old age.. The period of life where people don’t know whether to recollect their past or think of the future.. Really when you are old.. What do you think? The past happiness and regrets.. or the future.. which is the most disturbing of all.. Death.. It is intriguing in a sense but also it raises a lot of fear for lot of people.. From my point of view, my fear is more towards the pain and manner of how the life is going to come to an end.. Whether we have achieved what we have been set out to perform, if at all there is something.. Everyone in this country is not a Gandhi, Ambedkar who has done so much to the society that he can be proud to say.. Everyone is just a passenger, who after drifting through  school, college, childhood, employment, marriage, children, children s marriage, retirement and grandchildren just comes to a screeching and winding down halt… Lot of physical and mental pain.. Do they get a sense of clarity that it is just a game that they have played and irrespective of whether they won or lost the game, the game is going to end and it does not matter to anyone whether they have won or lost, except to themselves, now that they themselves have realized, it does not even matter to them .. So what is the purpose.. They could have quit this game before.. Maybe they dint enjoy the game enough.. Maybe it is time now for them to enjoy the maximum.. Maybe we can tell the young children these when they are young so that they learn it and enjoy from the beginning..



Surveys- Do more old people believe in God when they are old? Why?




The plane lands at the London Gatwick Airport.. It is the abt 7 at night in the airport.. The flights always seems to fascinate me.. The uncertain things which u can encounter in a far out land.. Europe has always been mystical and dream to the ordinary Indian.. The Eiffel tower, Leaning tower of Pisa, England the country that ruled us for so many years.. It is all very fascinating .. The enthusiasm just spikes up a bit when we are just planning for a holiday.. The one week of happiness away from the machinery routine called everyday life.. That is what everyone is just bored off. The trips to travel agent, speaking to relative, the buying of clothes as if it is not already enough, the countdown, asking leave to the office, the feel of foreign currency in your hands, the browsing about the history of new lands, it is all great.. Europe, the place which has just been in Hindi movies, Travel and Living and in all your dreams being satisfied is something so exciting.. It is like the first excursion trip..

The people who are so fair skinned.. All the hell with racism.. It is actually people in black skin who are so fond with foreigners.. Case in point an accompanying Malyali family who seem most happy to take photo with all European. So we enter the country which has ruled us for so many years..However there seems no angst from any of the people.. The real thing about all these places is the weather.. The weather seems to be great.. Just arnd 10 to 15 degrees celsius.. Perfect English weather I would say perhaps..

So we assemble at the common meeting point after going through the bio metric scanning and the sense that feels is the eeriness of the airport.. We assemble at the common meeting point and where the tour agent Mr. Dicky Contractor is waiting  for us with his board in hand.. and around ten families stand around him.. The obsession with crowd and being first come first serve.. and that there is not enough for all.. And the concept that you have to come first in everything that you enter.. The anger and looking down on failures.. i think these are unique Indian characteristics.. The fear over other taking your spot.. I think it comes out of over population and crowding out in our country and absence of resources sufficient for all..

He gives us the room key and breakfast coupons.. and we board the bus which stands outside.. Everyone is so eager to ask so many questions to him.. starting from whether his real name is Dicky.. Seriously dicky is not a nice name to keep for anyone nevertheless your own son.. 

So I take the window seat and look outside.. You are a child no matter how many years old you become.. After that I glance outside  as we take the two hour trip from the airport to the hotel which is in Wembley.. The perfection of the drive and the roads and the neatness of the junctions and the signals and obeying of traffic rules and absences of pollution and bikes and  MTC buses..I think night adds to its charms.. The fast racing cars.. the place where Wayne rooney was born does not seem to go away from my mind.. The London.. Financial capital of the world.. When comparing to these cities your perspective completely changes and you now feel that you are sitting in one corner of the world dreaming about all other places.. Your place in the sun..


As we reach the hotel we are told that we would be having our dinner at the nearby restaurant and retire for the day..  We stay near the wembley stadium.. It is just a stones throw away though I wouldn’t throw any stone.. We walk from the hotel to nearby Punjabi restaurant where the dj is rolling out Hindi hits.. Hmm.. Another thing Indians are obsessed with.. Themselves.. 🙂


Success is the achievement of one’s goals. For an athlete, it may be to get the gold medal. For a student, to get the top marks. For a mother, to raise a child with good character. Becoming successful makes the person happy.

But is it so?  instances have shown that sometimes successful people are not happy. For eg. Michael Jackson the world famous singer cannot be more successful you would think but he committed suicide. The thing is- it also depends on the perspective from whom we define success. For eg. for an outsider, an athlete may not be successful if he gets the silver medal, whereas for an athlete who has undergone tremendous injuries in his career, he may define it as success since their definition of goals are different.  

Success is not achieved, since people fail to define success properly. In many cases, the goals are in their mind without being given proper thought and shape,some people even going to the extent of thinking about it may jinx it.

Success can be achieved by defining proper goals and restructuring/replacing unrealistic or exaggerated dreams with proper achievable goals. Instead of dreaming of becoming the defensive midfielder of your favourite football club try to become the team player in your company’s management team. You deserve the happiness!!

I was coming by bus from Office.. I made a conscious decision to look at the different kind of shops which are there in a city along the street.. I think that would give an idea of what People are buying.. cos if they are setting up shops, surely it would mean someone is buyng.. and what people are most interested in.. cos they would buy what they would be most interested in..

The largest number of shops were food stalls, followed by dress shops, tea stalls, shoe shops, automobile parts, electronic shops, mobile shops, one paint shop, invitation cards shops, lights shops, dentists shops, flower bazaar, Supermarkets, Photo Studio, Xerox, Vegetable market, Training centre…

The only conclusion I could arrive after seeing so many food stalls is that so many people want so many different kinds of food.. Hyderabad Biriyani, KFC, Keliat Nasi Penita Malaysian cuisine, A2B Chaat items, Grand Sweets Amirtham, Adyar Bakerys Paneer Puffs, Roadside Parota kadais Parotta with Salna , Mainland China’s Noodles, Andhra Mess Full Meals, Kanchi Sweets Pink Rasagullas, Baskin Robbins 32 flavours of Icecream, Dosa Diners 101 varities of Dosas, Grilled Kababs at 800 per plate, 10 flavours of color drinks, 28 brands of biscuits, a Saravana Bhavan menu card which stretches from Parotta to Pasta extending from Vadapalani to Washington..  one common denominator of all these items is that it should taste good to the LCM mans tongue.. Why is it that people think with their tongue rather than the stomach? Though hunger is quite a large pain, why is it that many people don’t see the pleasure of eating light and a plate with raw vegetables/ cut fruits – a fresh slice of cucumber or a juicy bite of apple rather than the hard cooking with frying and deep pans and oil and hot chilli and excess salt, the chicken wings or the bowlful of rice or the bucketful of Sambar.. then comes the drowsiness after loading the abdomen upto the neck with rice or fryums or noodles with the sauces akin to a tipper lorry carring full load of sand..  the uneasiness the moment it reaches the stomach and the gases it forms..  the unpleasantness overall for the day henceforth.. Is it really that difficult?


Vijay Sethupathi:

Born in Rajapalayam, Virudhunagar district and did his education in Chennai. He was a “below-average student right from school” and was neither interested in sports nor extra-curricular activities He graduated with aB.Com degree, following which he worked for three years as an accountant in Dubai, UAE. Unhappy with his job, he returned to India in 2003.[7][8] He recalls that a photographer remarked that he had a “very photogenic face”,[9] and motivated him to pursue an acting career. He subsequently joined the Chennai-based theatre group Koothu-P-Pattarai as an accountant where he observed actors from close quarters.[11] He made his beginnings as a background actor, particularly playing the role of the lead character’s friend in a few films.


Had booked the movie tickets online.. Paid some extra money to select seats.. Entered the theatre.. Movie was already running.. there were two people sitting on our seats..

How difficult is it to see the ticket and the seat nos and sit correctly?

Y is it that people are so ignorant? Is it that they don’t care or they care and act as if others won’t care or is it “let me just show my carelessness” attitude?

Anyway I asked them to better get their bum of my seats in a not so polite nor arrogant tone.. And they did ..

I sat down..

Maybe in the darkness they really din’t know which seat was theirs!!


Dusk.. The light is slowly dimming out.. She is old.. She is dark.. She is bent 90 degrees.. She is letting out some sounds of her mouth  .. She adorns a crumpled saree.. She wears a dark rimmed glasses.. She carries a walking stick..She doesn’t have any teeth.. She is blabbering something.. She is not wearing no shoes, no jewelry . She is not carry a pouch or bag which could carry something..  She trudges along in a very arduous manner.. She is moaning.. She tries to  come inside a watchman’s room along the road.. She looks at the joggers who has come to run on the road.. She is hungry.. She is feeling dizzy.. She is alone.. She is crying for help….